Strategic and tactical Marketing tailored to YOUR business. Engage with your clients, promote your services and let the world know about what you do and why they need you!
We can provide you with the complete tools to market your business, or we can do it for you - our capability is as unlimited as our creativity.

We always begin any project with a review of existing marketing, platforms, messaging, content and communication. This provides us with a foundation to begin the work and also identifies key opportunities and gaps.

We review any or all of the following;

- Website.

- Content.

- Social Media.

- Brand Audit.

- Advertising and Communication platforms.

- Identify Key Opportunities and Gaps.

A Recommendation Report is developed to take advantage of key opportunities and to improve overall brand awareness and engagement with your target audience.

We deliver Marketing Workshops + Training for small, medium and large teams. We appreciate that teams have differing levels of experience in marketing and social media, and often tailor these workshops to suit the particular skills needed.

We base our workshops on an element of learning and an element of doing, so we always provide a practical session as well as a handbook for the team to take-home and refer back to later with quick tips and how-tos.

We can deliver a 2 hour – full day marketing workshop and training where you can discover the following;

- Objectives, strategies and tactical execution for your business.

- Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

- Target audiences/stakeholder groups and how to engage them.

- Important of great images and engaging content.

- Messaging and communication channels and platforms.

- Action plan.

Position your business ahead of the competition with a Marketing + Communication Plan complete with budgets, tactics and an action plan.

Our Marketing Plans are outcomes driven, setting the strategic framework for your marketing now and into the future.

Planning helps you save time and money and avoids ‘trial and error’ marketing. Our team focus on practical strategies which deliver measurable results for your business. You can implement the actions yourself, or engage our services on an ongoing monthly basis.

Our Marketing Plans includes:

- ½ day Marketing Workshop with your team.

- 12-month Communication Plan, broken down month-by-month to help you track your progress and analyse results.

- Market analysis and opportunity evaluation.

- Developing key messaging and content ideas for your business.

- Marketing campaign and channel strategies to connect you to your customer base.

- Development of marketing and advertising budgets.

- Recommendation of advantageous sponsorship and public relations opportunities.

- Establish success measure and reporting tools.

After the marketing strategy is agreed the question is, who is going to manage and implement it?

Ready Marketing has a team of marketing specialists from creative, digital to social media.

When it comes to marketing outsourcing we are here to let you get on with running your whilst having confidence that the marketing is being managed by a highly skilled marketing professional.

Our team presents a cost-effective solution to employing a marketing resource full time, whilst allowing you access to our extensive experience and expertise on a monthly basis.

Our job is then to manage all your marketing activity and ensure your marketing is executed in a targeted, timely manner.

No locked in contracts, just marketing services whilst you need them.

If we haven’t already, we also develop a 6-month Communication Plan, identifying themes, events and marketing activity.

Marketing Outsourcing can include any or all of the following:

- Development and publishing of content including media releases, blogs and newsletters.

- Management of marketing activity including liaising with and booking all traditional media including TV, newspaper and radio.

- Management of the brand, ensuring every customer touchpoint is conveying a consistent message.

- Management of Direct Mail, E-Marketing and SMS Marketing.

- Social Media management and measurement.

- Monthly Report.

- Monthly Marketing Meeting.

Packages and prices are tailored to deliver your marketing plan and business requirements.

Ready Marketing have managed a number of successful campaigns and projects, including Discover the Riches, Cowra Visitor Guide, Parkes Shop + Win, Shop Orange, Bathurst Winter Festival and the list goes on.

Planning and bringing an event to fruition is a highly specialised skill. We work with a range of professionals at Ready Marketing to ensure every event is not only a huge success, but also seamless and stress free.

Our team of creative and organisational specialists can manage all aspects of the event from conception through to completion.

Ready Marketing Event Planning Services

- Planning, and development.

- Branding, advertising and promotions.

- Social media management.

- Media liaison.

- Measurement and review.

We manage annual, occasional and one-off events for our clients. We also facilitate a number of specialised workshops, training sessions and networking events throughout the year.

Our passion is to work with businesses to define their Guiding Principle which we define as a set of business and personal qualities that provide the fundamental strength of your business.

These guide an organisation throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, customers or management team.

Ready Marketing works with businesses and organisations to define their guiding principle, values and vision. We help translate this vision into shared objectives and an achievable implementation plan for the future.

This service is designed for businesses that desire strategic direction with guiding principles and objectives to steer them through the next 3-5 years.

Ready Marketing Strategic Planning includes

- Business and Marketing Review.

- Competition audit.

- ½ day Strategic Planning session

- Employee Focus Groups.

- Detailed Recommendation Report

- Brand Review

- 3-5 year Business Plan

- Published Strategic Plan document.

Expected Outcomes

- A clear understanding of your core business.

- A shared vision and strategic guiding principle to achieve your vision.

- An organisation that is market and customer driven.

- A business position that distinguishes you from your competition.

- A shared commitment across the business to achieve your goals.

Attract and convert strangers and prospects into potential customers. The Ready Marketing team can help find the best lead generation tools based on your business objectives and goals.

Lead generators include blog posts, coupons, live events and online content.