SharonThe way you tell your story to yourself is important. The way your story is conveyed to others is integral! I help businesses to tell their unique story and connect with customers and consumers in a meaningful way.

I’m all about the ‘why’. I ask the questions everyone wants to know, but people just don’t seem to ask. I genuinely want to know the story behind the story. Small talk doesn’t interest me. I tend to dive right into the beautifully complex layers.

Over the years, I have developed the ability to reconstruct those layers to retell the story in a way that can connect authentically with others. It really is just a giant puzzle.

I joined Adloyalty in 2015 initially undertaking project work and web content development for regional businesses. My work now focuses on the implementation of strategic marketing and content creation.

This includes writing blogs, social media and e-marketing content along with assisting in the development of marketing collateral and campaigns.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communications majoring in Journalism (Charles Sturt University, Bathurst). My background is in rural journalism, marketing, public affairs and event coordination.

I'm a country girl from the Central West of NSW, a farmer, a contract farming business operator and the wrangler of three free-range farm kids in my spare time. My passion for the region extends to a personal investment in the success of the businesses and families within it.