My role at Ready Marketing is to enlighten with my digital expertise and fascination for solving technical enigmas. Although the team is pretty sure I speak another complete language to English at times, I am the “go-to” person for anything computer or internet related.

Where the rest of the world would walk away with their hands in the air, I get a glint in my eye, roll up my sleeves and get in there. My key areas of expertise include Web Design, Digital Integration and Networking.

My ‘Can-Do’ attitude is coupled with over ten years of repairing, programming and designing. I’m passionate about my work and will often spend hours with ongoing research and study to assure my knowledge of Websites, Social Media and SEO is up-to-date with the latest trends and most effective methods.

My four kids give me a break from the screens. An outdoor family, we love nothing better than getting away and off the grid – camping and enjoying the bush. I also have been known to rock a mean guitar alongside my multitalented musical kids.