Known as the resident “laid-back perfectionist next-gen marketer” on the Ready Marketing Team, I’m full of energy and innovative ideas. I’m also the one you want in your corner in a crisis as I handle pressure like a pro.

I’m a firm believer in the theory that you don’t take a problem to someone without a solution. Marketing is all about problem solving through questioning, listening and research.

Understanding the client, their culture, and their customers is key. There is a vast difference between knowing and understanding.

You can know a lot about something and not ever really understand it. My aim is always to get to that intrinsic level of understanding.

Determined, caring, and loyal, my current role as Marketing Coordinator at Ready blends my client/organisational skills with the essential creativity.

Working within a tight-knit team of marketing professionals complements my freelance experience across social media, web and e-marketing.

I’m a Bathurst local with strong links to business in the area. A Charles Sturt University graduate, I hold a double degree in Communications (Advertising) and Business (Marketing).

When I’m not knee-deep in social media for a client, I’m spending time with the loves of my life - my dogs (who also have their own Instagram) and my coffee!