Bella Spazio

Transforming a Brand Identity

In 2015, Bellaspazio engaged Ready Marketing (formerly Adloyalty) to streamline their marketing strategy, online presence, and overall brand. After 15 years in business, the boutique salon situated in the heart of Orange needed a fresh injection of marketing vision.

Essential to the core of the project was the incorporation of the name “Bellaspazio” which means ‘Beautiful Spaces”. Ready worked with the team in developing the brand identity around the tagline - “Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Faces”.

This was then funnelled through to their branding, marketing plan and online presence, ensuring every touch point was demonstrating the outstanding experience Bellaspazio promises.

Award Winning Results

With expert mentoring from Ready Marketing and the appropriate tools in hand, the Bellaspazio Team took the marketing bull by the horns with a renewed vigour for achieving their business goals.

Bellaspazio not only transformed their image and audience, but also went on to win multiple awards and industry recognition for their achievements including a national win in 2017 - the Australian Professional Beauty Solutions Awards Salon of the Year.


  • -Enhanced effectual online presence.
  • -Increased client engagement, online audience development and new client enquiry.
  • -Creating a consistent professional image for all marketing activity – enriching overall brand identity.





Marketing Strategy and Communication Plan Development

Brand Identity and Marketing Collateral

Website Development

Ongoing marketing mentoring

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