Is it worth outsourcing marketing for your business in 2023?

It’s the age-old question… should you opt for DIY versus agency marketing? Is it worth outsourcing marketing for your business in 2023?

Most businesses will ask themselves this vital question at some stage. It’s often a subject that comes up at key times such as when businesses begin gearing up for the year. Staff are often coming and going in the early months. It may begin to dawn on you that you don’t have the time or talent in-house to achieve all that you want in the year ahead.

Let’s dive into the debate. There are several key options to explore. Do you outsource the marketing for your business? Do you upskill your own employees? Do you create a dedicated position and bring marketing staff into the organisation?

Unfortunately, there is no simple stock standard answer! Even as a group of dedicated marketing professionals, we don’t believe it is ever a clear-cut process to work out. We often see businesses struggling with the debate and working their way through via trial and error.

Here at Ready Marketing, we always advise businesses to weigh up the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments for both options aligning the key points with what they are trying to achieve overall. The choice of DIY versus agency marketing is extremely specific to your individual business, your marketing objectives (both short and long-term), and your goals.

The key arguments FOR in-house DIY marketing…

The key advantage of in-house marketing is that the talent is completely owned by and dedicated to your business. Their job is to be 100 percent focused on all aspects of your business at all times.

They are onsite and able to capitalise on whatever marketing opportunities that present any day of the week. They can also be instrumental in developing valuable brand and marketing intellectual property for the business.

The key arguments AGAINST in-house DIY marketing…

The number one problem with hiring your own in-house marketing people in regional areas is that it can be hard to find and keep great people. Once coming into the workplace, even 'good' marketers can find it hard to create a marketing niche within the workplace and effectively create a role surrounded by other process focused priorities.

The problem with most businesses is that they are busy working ‘in’ rather than working ‘on’ the business. Even a slight shift in focus can be difficult with the marketing people attempting to divert any attention away from the day-to-day operations.

Working on their own as the sole marketer within the organisation can also be limiting. Marketing tends to be a team process where ideas can be bounced off other team members and exposure to other campaigns/clients can provide valuable insight.

Here at Ready Marketing, we often brainstorm new clients and campaigns as a team. We always say two heads are better than one, but in the case of Ready Marketing, we have a team of professionals behind every project.

The key arguments FOR employing an external marketing agency…

They key winning argument supporting employing an external marketing agency is that the marketing capacity of the business can easily be scaled up or down quickly and efficiently compared to hiring staff. This is useful when the marketing is project driven or part of an expansion or launch of something new for the business.

The right external marketing agency for the job will also bring dedicated specialists across all marketing channels. There is always a more varied degree of experience and specialisation across a marketing agency than would be in a single marketing professional. Transferable experience from other clients and campaigns is also possible in the engagement of an agency.

The key arguments AGAINST employing an external marketing agency…

Getting the right company is key as a lack of transparency and high costs can be a problem when hiring any external contractors into a business. Finding the right fit for your business and your company culture is essential and not always an easy task.

Look for experience within your industry or a like industry along with experience on a similar scale. Check that not only your values align, but that they are keen to gain a solid understanding of your business rather than just adopt a one-size-fits-all style approach to marketing your business.

Enthusiasm for what you do, and your business overall is a key indicator. If the marketing agency can’t get excited about your products/services, how are they going to create any sort of enthusiasm within the market for what you do?

The suggested COMPROMISE…

Here at Ready Marketing, we find a combination of both in-house and agency marketing is one of the most successful choices that a business can make.

We are often contracted by the sole marketing resource in a business when they feel they need outside assistance with developing content for e-marketing, social media, advertising and web, a campaign or a project such as developing a new website, improving SEO or digital reach, launching a new product or an event.

Sometimes the person has little to no marketing experience or qualifications but has been involved with some aspect within their role. Sometimes they are marketing professionals who simply need a few more sets of hands or some fresh ideas to get their marketing flowing in the direction of the goals the business wants to achieve.

At Ready Marketing, we provide a range of services focused on outsourced marketing products and assistance. We also proactively encourage and scaffold the development of marketing skills within the businesses we work with via training and mentoring. Having a solid and enthusiastic point of contact within a business that can be nurtured to grow marketing understanding across the business is the ideal scenario for getting the most out of your marketing investment.

Why consider using Ready Marketing as your agency?

Previously known as Adloyalty Creative, the business was founded in 2012. The business was built from the ground up to a full team of creative professionals over two sites (Canowindra and Wagga Wagga) before consolidating in a move to Orange's Summer Street in 2018.

Ready Marketing's key focus has remained firm throughout the evolution of the business - to achieve business objectives for clients through confident, creative, practical marketing and digital solutions. 

We specialise in a whole of business approach, taking the time to understand your key objectives. We pride ourselves on developing considered brands, campaigns and ongoing marketing that genuinely connects.

We employ an exceptional team of creative, digital, design, content and marketing professionals. We specialise in marketing strategy, content, websites, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, along with social media advertising, training, and management.

We love what we do which gives you the opportunity to get on with what you love to do – run your business!

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