Have you been keeping on top of your website’s updates? If not, your website is at serious risk of facing security issues!

After being swamped with business website repairs for the past couple of weeks, Ready Marketing Digital Developer, Rob Priest, says her key message is… update and fix your WordPress website NOW or risk major problems!

“We have had a stream of businesses coming to us for website repairs due to updates not being completed,” Rob said.

“Not only does it cause frustration for business owners, but incomplete updates potentially put a website at serious risk. Many don’t understand that monthly maintenance in relation to updates on the back end of their website is essential to keep the website operating effectively, up to speed, and not vulnerable to security issues,” Rob explained.

WordPress is one of the most reputable website-building platforms out there. It’s unique that you can create a simple website and advanced site with multiple functionalities. Over 45% of websites worldwide use WordPress, so there’s no denying that this is the real deal when it comes to building websites.

But with so many plugin features and themes available, there is a downside. Some developers have often abandoned and failed to maintain the software of their plugins or themes, leaving several websites prone to security or bug problems. If you don’t keep on top of these updates, this will eventually expose your website to some frustrating security attacks.


Reasons why your plugins and themes are not updated:

  • No website’s support/care plan implemented.
  • Intentionally deferred WordPress upgrades.
  • Absence of plugins/themes license keys.
  • Plugins/themes don’t have updates (abandoned by their developers).


What does an “outdated” plugin and theme mean?

An outdated plugin and theme can arise from two main reasons: the developer abandons it, or they introduce new features but don’t maintain their older version. When installing an outdated plugin or theme, this exposes your website to security risks – a website hacker’s dream to gain access.

But with new versions of WordPress continually getting released, this has also highlighted the importance of updating plugins and themes.


Top 4 reasons why you should update your plugins:

But with new versions of WordPress continually getting released, this has also highlighted the importance of updating plugins and themes.

If your one of those people who ignore their WordPress update notifications, then maybe it’s time to start paying to attention. The last thing you want to do is leave your website exposed to various security and technical problems.

  1. WordPress updates strengthen your website’s overall security. Provided you stay on track with latest WordPress versions, this will keep your website protected from security and bug vulnerabilities.
  2. Updates make your plugins more reliable.
  3. Updating your plugins enhances their performance. A newly-updated version a plugin automatically optimizes code, speed, and eliminates unnecessary code.
  4. Updating plugins allows them to stay compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. If a plugin does not show a version number, it means that the plugin is no longer maintained.


What if DIY website updates are not for you?

If keeping your website up to date and working is the last thing you have time to organise while you are busy working in your business – consider a Website Management Plan.

At Ready Marketing, our three-month plan sits at just $90/month. For even better value – an annual management plan is $800. The annual plan includes all updates carried out monthly for 12 months.

What is included…

  • Monthly update of any core, theme or plugin required.
  • Monthly website backup.
  • Review and report of issues identified, or repairs required.

*Please note – prices listed do not include repairs.

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