Ready Marketing’s top 3 reasons you need to sort your website NOW!

I was sifting through my copious emails the other day and the following quote from Will Rogers popped up in a weekly wrap-up from the much-loved HubSpot crew (check out their informative blogs here).

On a mission to write a blog about the benefits of having an awesome website for your business, this quote rang true for me. Your website (like your business front) is the place where your customers will form their first opinion of you and what you do.

Having a great website is part of putting your best foot forward, letting everyone know what you do, and why they should choose you to do business with. It is always a missed opportunity to not make the best first impression online.

Who is Will Rogers & why is he so relevant today?

Good question! Why is a marketing leader like HubSpot quoting Will Rogers in 2022? As you can imagine reading that initial quote led me down the deep pit of Google to find out who was this Will Rogers and why does he make so much sense.

Well - it turns out dear Will was around long before Google was even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. William Penn Adair Rogers (1879-1935) was an American performer, actor, and humorous social commentator.

He has a string of famous quotes attributed to him and weirdly enough most are as relevant today as they were back in the “olden days” as my kids would say. Although… just quietly… they are referring to when I was born in the 1970’s not 1870’s!

It turns out old Will was a never-ending source of inspiration for many. His delightful anecdotes below have provided an insightful commentary into our top three reasons you need to sort your website now.

Our top 3 reasons you need to sort your website NOW!

#1. You need to remain RELEVANT in the market.

You have a great business… things are good! Work is pouring through the door, and you are so busy working in your business – you haven’t had time to work on it.

You’re on the right track… until something unexpected happens and everything changes. The trend of people dealing with businesses predominantly online spikes further and suddenly your business may as well be invisible.

People are looking for you online and don’t find what they need. They wonder - are you even still operating? They take their business elsewhere.

This is happening – you do need to remain relevant in the market. Having an appealing, functional website is an essential tool today. You need to keep up. You literally can’t afford to sit there.

#2. You need to SHOW people why they should do business with you!

We are all sick and tired of “being told” at the moment. Never before have we been more told what to do. All the judging, the opinions, the arguments, the soap-box moments – most of us are done listening.

If you want to convey to people what you do and why they should choose you to do business with… don’t tell them … SHOW THEM! Show your consumers an up-to-date, relevant, useful, and visually appealing website that is easy to navigate and adds value to their buying journey. Show them you matter in the market.

#3. You NEED a strong online presence today!

This is my favourite quote from Will and one that I’m sure you’ve all heard a version of. How in the world is she going to relate this to website development for your small business – I hear you say!

Well… our advice at Ready Marketing is obviously don’t be the guy peeing on the electric fence! Don’t be the people with the great business that fall behind the pack because they swam against the tide and didn’t bother to have a decent website.

Your business might be going well right now, but how much new business are you missing by not having an effective presence online? Is it worth the risk of swimming outside the flags on this one? Why not jump on a board and surf the wave in?

Need help getting your website sorted?

In the words of the great Will Rogers again…

Taking the step towards either getting your business online or fixing your existing out-of-date website can seem like a massive undertaking. Dealing with websites, SEO, social media and all that jazz may not be your jam. It is our jam here at Ready Marketing and we are more than able to go out on the limb for you to grab that fruit.

We deal with websites every single day for a variety of businesses across a wide range of industries. We employ a team of creative specialists to ensure our clients have websites that look amazing and work well for their customers.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone in 2022 and reap the rewards of an amazing new website. The team of professionals at Ready Marketing can seamlessly guide you through the process. Did you know we created 77 awesome new and upgraded websites in 2021!

Take advantage of initiatives to get your business online…

In the leadup to the end of financial year, now is an ideal time to allocate essential resources in the budget towards getting your website sorted. It’s also the perfect time to investigate initiatives available to help get your business online.

There are several assistance programs offered by the Federal and State government to assist small business owners. These assistance programs can be in the form of government grants, subsidies, rebates, incentives and financial aid.

We love what we do!

Because I’m on a roll with inspirational quotes from Will Rogers, I’ll leave you with this little gem which beautifully sums up how we feel here at Ready Marketing about what we do…

Does your business need practical marketing and digital solutions right now? Call us today to see how we can help you get your website sorted! Phone 02 6360 1301.

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