March into the New Financial Year!

Get READY to kick some business goals with Ready Marketing’s 3 steps to getting your mojo back!

Let’s be honest… there really is no sugar coating it… most of us have limped into 2022. Now is the time to MARCH into the new financial year and get READY to kick some business goals with Ready Marketing’s three steps to getting your mojo back!

How is it March already?

There has been something about the past few years that has seen time alternatively standing still and on the other hand evaporating into thin air. Life has been at times ground to a halt with isolations and restrictions. Suddenly time has then been fast-forwarded to make up the lost time.

This pandemic has continued to take its toll on our resources on many levels. Whilst businesses have been operational and some have seen a strong start to the year, Covid associated problems with general health, staff availability, logistics, and supply issues have seen us having to continually remain flexible.

Are Covid complications draining energy and resources in your business?

It really hasn’t been a walk in the park for most local businesses. We hear you – we talk to many local businesses, and we know your pain points. You aren’t alone. Now may be the ideal time to reach out for some much-needed help to get your mojo back!

At the risk of sounding like every self-help article you have read in the past few months (and there have probably been a few) - having a positive outlook and goals for the future will provide the mojo boost to get you through.

Need some inspiration and out of the box thinking to kick start your business and help you march towards a solid end of financial year? Read on for our top tips and book a session with Ready Marketing today for strategic one-on-one support.

HERE IT IS… Ready Marketing’s 3 steps to getting your mojo back!

We have found going back to basics with many local businesses over the past few months has been exactly what was needed to get the mojo flying. Putting in key foundation work around brand development, design and strategy has proven a winning formula. Check out our three steps to getting your mojo back below…

Step 1. Develop your brand!

One of the main problems with Covid has been that we have all felt stuck at times. Stuck in isolation, stuck trying to live our lives and operate our businesses under difficult circumstance, stuck in a rut! Moving forward and developing is the tonic we all need. Brand development is the strategic process of creating and distinguishing your company's image, products and services from your competitors. This includes aligning your brand with your business objectives, and how you communicate your brand to your target market.

Step 2. Give your business a makeover!

Just like a fresh coat of paint on an old building can inject it with new life, if your business is looking a little tired and out of date - refreshing your brand may be the ideal solution. A new logo, signage, advertisement copy… anything that can stand out and make you look relevant in the market will help to refresh your entire business. Putting aside money in the yearly marketing budget for a professional to develop branded graphics is well worth the investment. Remember - looking professional is key in developing trust in your brand.

Step 3. Put some strategy around your marketing!

Do you want to engage with your customers and genuinely connect with future clients? Do you want to promote your services – letting the world know what you do and why they need you? Setting clear plans for where you want to be and what you want to be focusing on in your business advertising, emails, blogs, events, and social media for the next 12 months is fundamental to business success!

Need help getting your business mojo back?

NOW is the ideal time to think about setting aside money in your budget for the upcoming financial year around your identified key marketing challenges. Ensure you kick your goals with marketing development, design and strategy work in the first half of the year and continue to reap the benefit.

At Ready Marketing, we specialise in strategic and tactical marketing tailored to YOUR business. We can provide you with the complete tools to market your business, or we can do it for you.

Our capability is as unlimited as our creativity. We are a one-stop-shop specialising in social media and design working with a diverse range of industries. Creative marketing solutions can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and marketing channels. We have a graphic designer on the team and a professional photographer and videographer standing by ready for any project.

We can supply an entire suite of design collateral to refresh your business. We can walk you through the process from brand development, logo design, all marketing collateral, business documents, advertising, photography and videography.

We provide social media and digital solutions that keep your business on the forefront of today’s technology. Start building your digital presence with us today with expert advice, strategies, and management.

We specialise in Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, along with social media advertising, training, strategies, and management.

Does your business need practical marketing and digital solutions right now? Call us today to see how we can help you get your mojo back! Phone 02 6360 1301.

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