Are You READY for 2021?

Is your business limping into 2021 or are you READY and rearing to go? Are you planning on rolling out the same old tired look and feel inside your business and online via your website and in your socials? Or are you wanting to embrace the “New Year – New You” mantra?

Here at Ready Marketing we are taking our own advice and beginning the year with a refresh for our look and feel along with the information we are putting out online.

Taking a good hard look at yourself and your business image is definitely one of the most difficult jobs of the year to complete. Even as marketing professionals it’s a hard slog, but it’s always well worth the effort. Keep posted for some exciting changes from us!

Necessity is the Mother of all reinvention…

A lot changes throughout a year in a business and there has never been a year of change quite like last year. Whether the changes within your business have been market or necessity driven, it is essential you take the time to review how you look to your current and potential customers.

It is important to not only update your online profiles to reflect those changes, but also refresh your overall business each year to remain relevant in the marketplace.

I was having a conversation with my kids the other day about iconic 90’s stars like Kylie Minogue and Madonna. They asked if they were “good singers”. Put bluntly, I don’t think they would have won ‘The Voice’ if they were to emerge today.

Thinking more closely on Kyles and Mads, the one thing they both had in common was the ability to put on an outstanding performance and reinvent themselves over and over throughout the decades they have been on the music scene.

Obviously – great surgeons have played a hand in the image these stars are putting forward today. The biggest accolades must go to their marketing teams who have provided an outstanding case study in reinvention – refreshing their image and keeping them relevant in the market throughout the years.

Time to dust off 2020 and turn towards a bright New Year!

Check out our New Year – New Digital Look Checklist below for some Ready Marketing inspiration to get your 2021 looking as smooth as Madonna’s forehead…

  • Update your socials NOW! When was the last time you posted? Have your socials dropped off over the Christmas/New Year period or has your game been strong? Either way – let people know what is happening and that you are still alive, kicking and back at it in your business for 2021.
  • Update your branded graphics! Research your market and see what’s trending within your industry to get a relevant and modern 2021 look and feel. Ask your customers, family, and friends for opinions on the direction to take if you are unsure. Putting some money in the yearly marketing budget for a professional to develop branded graphics is well worth the investment. Looking professional online is key in developing trust in your brand.
  • Set your communications plan for the year ahead! Take the time now to set plans in place for the rest of the year. The New Year is the ideal time to reflect on what worked last year and how you can improve on your communication with your customers. Don’t just look at it month-to-month. Set clear plans for where you want to be and what you want to be focusing on in your business advertising, emails, blogs, and social media for the next two, six and 12 months.
  • Plan special events NOW! Ensure your communication plan has enough wriggle room to be spontaneous and respond to the market. However, take the time now to have a deeper dive into the special events you have marked on your planner. You don’t want to be on the back-foot heading into a special sale or other event period. Mark out time in the daily diary to prepare properly in advance.