3 Things to Try This Week on Instagram

It is certain 2020 Instagram and general social media stats are bound to be out of this universe with so many people relying on digital interaction for everyday activities over the past few months.

It’s fair to say that now is the time to put a little effort into developing your business Instagram account.

Here at Ready Marketing, we have put together three simple things you can try this week from the comfort of your lounge to send a little love to your business Instagram account.


#1 Tell a story – make it fun, creative and interactive!

Everyone loves a good tale and we are all starved for interesting interaction and connection right now. Creating great regular Instagram stories is simple and fun once you know a few of the tricks of the trade. It’s more than worth your effort to learn how and continue to grow your reach. Don’t forget to get your story noticed and moving around with things like hashtag and location stickers.


#2 Interact with your customers!

Make an interactive Instagram story with the use of handy little tools like poll, question, and challenge stickers. These interactive stickers grab attention and offer a great way to get direct feedback from your customers by going direct to the source. They not only provide product and content feedback but can also be a great tool to drive traffic back to your website. These are excellent tools to get to know your customer profile and help customers to get to know your brand.


#3 Reminisce and repeat!

Reshare an old post through your Instagram stories. Great content is not hard to find when it’s right there in your back catalogue of posts. You already know it worked the first time so why not bring out a few old chestnuts and give them another run through your stories. You really don’t need to continue to reinvent the wheel when you can resell great content. Make sure you choose posts that genuinely connected with customers and you can’t lose with this simple activity.

Taking some downtime to get on and play around with some of the extensive features on Instagram is the best way to familiarise yourself and perhaps even spark a level of interest you didn’t know you had.


If you want to know more great hints and tips or could do with a little help creating and maintaining your business Instagram account – call us on 02 6360 1301 today. We’d love to help!