Supporting Each Other Through COVID-19

Business to Business // Local to Local


We’ve had the drought, monumental dust storms, devastating fires and floods and now we are facing an unprecedented health emergency which will have far reaching impacts on all aspects of our personal and business lives.

Primarily we will be concerned with the health of ourselves and our loved ones. As small to medium business owners, we will also be concerned about the health of our businesses, the local, National and world economy as a whole.

Preparing your business…

We want you to know that we have prepared a strategy to ensure continuity of business and maintaining service to our valued customers. We acknowledge many of you will be facing serious challenges as the situation evolves.

These challenges will require that we all dig deep. Many small businesses will need to be highly resourceful rethinking not only how they conduct business, but how they connect with their customer base overall.

Never has it been more important to support local business – business to business – local to local. We can make a huge impact if we support each other and work together to make our local businesses strong.

For example, in recent days with shortages of groceries in the big chain stores we have seen opportunities for local suppliers to step up their social media marketing and let customers know about what they can supply and how they can supply it.

Butchers are putting together tailored weekly packs delivered right to your door. Local fruit and vegetable growers and suppliers are ramping up their local delivery packages online. Businesses are sharing posts on each other’s social media supporting the community and each other through this tough time.

While perhaps not new services, these businesses are making use of the current interest surrounding securing food and groceries to market creatively and hold each other up.

What we are doing in our business…

  • Reviewing and updating our website content.
  • Reviewing and updating our current digital marketing campaigns.
  • Making sure we can be found easily online.
  • Working to support our clients and local industries with proactive and innovative marketing solutions.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – Now is not the time to drop the ball on your business marketing…

Now more than ever is the time for us to continue to market our products and services, and most importantly focus on cementing our client relations. We need to continue to converse with our customer base through our regular communications channels including social whilst we enter this next phase of reduced contact and/or isolation.

TIP: Everyone worldwide is going to be diving into our small screens to dream, plan and purchase. Now more than ever you need to ensure your online presence is top notch and not broken.

How can we help…

If you need assistance with how you can continue servicing or better connect with your customer base, Ready Marketing is here to assist review and enhance your current systems and performance.


Our team have created an easy to follow Small Business Marketing Checklist, with all of the essential steps to get your marketing working for you during this time.

Download yours free today.