READY MARKETING ON… Facebook Changes & Facebook Advertising

Maximising your business social media presence may sometimes feel like playing handball with a four-year-old. The rules of engagement feel like they are ever changing and winning seems almost impossible as the game is changed almost as quickly as you can adapt.

Forewarned is forearmed…

I don’t need to go over the stats and facts about the increasing power of social media marketing. As forward-thinking businesses in this decade, we should all understand social media is where it’s at if you want to get your product in the face of your consumer.

There is no one who likes to keep ahead of the times like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Who could blame him? It has kept him kicking business goals into 2020.

It seems Mr Zuckerberg is set to shake up his social media platform again to ensure users get more of what they want – quality, engaging content. This coupled with other technical and regulatory changes across platforms will mean businesses will again need to work a little harder to keep their brand performing where it matters.

Our top tips for getting social media marketing right…

Here at Ready Marketing, we work hard to keep up to date with what is happening in the digit marketing sphere so we can get the most out of all platforms for the businesses we work with.

Here are our top take-home messages for making the most of your social media marketing in the current state of play…

# User control in focus for 2020 – Facebook will focus on helping users to understand the algorithm and take control of what they are seeing. This will be achieved by giving users control by focusing on Ranking Signals. Ranking Signals will depend on how long a page has been active, percentage of followers engaging, consistency of posts and actively engaging with followers.

# Vale organic reach – The death of organic reach is upon us it seems. Facebook organic reach is declining – some feel it is still possible via exceptional engaging content especially video, stories and strong community building. In general though – no longer can you just bung out a bangin post every now and again to keep kicking your marketing goals. Businesses have been warned by Facebook that pages creating posts that people generally don’t interact or comment on will see the biggest decreases in Reach.

# To boost or not to boost – That is the question…When it comes to Facebook advertising, the difference between boosting a post and a Facebook Ad could be explained as similar to the nutritional value of a six pack of chicken nuggets compared to a home-cooked Sunday roast chook. It’s not hard to decide where your dollars are better spent.

# Boosted posts V’s Facebook Ads – A boosted post is a normal Facebook post and is easy to use and navigate, although has very limited targeting, budgeting and setting options. A Facebook Ad is a targeted campaign, created through Ads Manager with a range of custom features and settings allowing you to reach and track a significantly wider audience obviously giving you a much bigger bang for your buck.

# Maximising Facebook Advertising dollars is essentialYou need to be strategic about where to spend money advertising on Facebook. Ads should be interesting enough to stand out from the crowd and have scroll-stopping ability.

# Social media marketing is a science not a hobby – As social media continues to become an increasingly sophisticated tool for business marketing, never has it been more important to get the ‘science’ of social media marketing right.

# Set & forget social media marketing is not going to cut it in the new era –  Increasingly – if you don’t know your audience, if you aren’t testing and evaluating your input regularly, and if you aren’t paying for the right ads to reach the right people – you will be buried and lost in the sea of social media.

Embracing change is the only way forward…

There are no secrets to success with social media marketing. Success is the result of preparation, hard work, evaluation and adaptability – it’s ongoing.

Continually building your knowledge base along with being open to professional advice and new ideas is key in the digital sphere. Keeping ahead of the game isn’t easy. Keeping up is essential!

Facebook advertising will increasingly be the way for businesses to ensure they are getting their brand noticed. It is cost effective if it’s done right and monitored closely.

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