Things You Should Know About Social Media Marketing in 2020

The times they are a changing…

Come gather around people wherever you roam. Only kidding… people don’t so much gather now do they? They “connect”!

It seems the way in which they “connect” is changing as quickly as the technology they are using.

So just when you thought you’d got your head around social media getting your business Facebook, Instagram and e-marketing going on… enter the new world of social media.

With a lot of noise out there on how you should be marketing your business in the social media realm of 2020, we’ve brought it back to the basics. Read on for the five things you need to know about social media marketing right now…


#1. Keep it real, short, sweet and personal…

In 2020, it seems it’s all about quality of engagement, not quantity of posts. Brands are becoming increasingly more social and socially conscious. They are tapping into the backstory and righting the wrongs of the world.

Never has it been more important for businesses to focus on customer engagement on a deeper level. Private groups are on the rise with people wanting a more personal approach.

To tap into this engagement, businesses will increasingly need to focus on online communities. Creating spaces that encourage conversation about your brand and provide a more intimate space for people to interact and engage is a key trend.

Authentic content is an essential component of engagement with the modern consumer. Your content needs to be relatable and it must humanise your brand to cut through.

The take-home message is… scrap the robotic advertising and embrace pop culture and memes. Learn how your audience communicates so you can appeal on a more meaningful level.


#2. Up your game on video content…

Video and stories are the “big thing” this year, on Facebook and TikTok (especially with TikTok on the rise with young consumers).

Making your videos entertaining is essential. Statistically there is a high purchase intent from an engaging video.

Simplicity and authenticity in video is key. Embrace imperfection and try to make short easily digestible videos that are not overproduced. Simple, impromptu videos help a brand retain authenticity.

Keep in mind that most people who watch video on Facebook prefer to watch without sound.


#3. Be aware social media is where people are not only researching, but also buying…

There is no longer any denying that social media is where people are increasingly making purchases. Make sure your brand makes it easy to purchase your goods.

Provide convenience for customers by allowing purchases through social media. Create a streamlined, easy way to allow customers to shop from social media and a clean, well-designed online presence.

Influencer marketing is also tipped to change buying as customers further realise the commercial realities of influencers. Micro influencers are also tipped to gain traction in the future realm of social media.


#4. Know and grasp the new players on the social media block…

TikTok is one of the new platforms that is quite literally cutting a rug across the world with the younger audience. If you have ever asked a young person to explain TikTok to you, you may have come away even more confused than you went into the conversation.

I guess this is how businesses felt about Facebook and Instagram once, but there is no denying that new players are always evolving and making a real splash.

Cutting through the hype to establish which ones will still be standing this time next year is a real science. Understanding how to tap into their magic for your marketing is essential.


#5. Understand that you can’t and don’t need to know everything…

If the idea of navigating TikTok, creating engaging content, upping your game with video posts, creating an online community, and generally marketing your business into a kicking 2020 makes you want to break into a cold sweat… give us a call at Ready Marketing and let us do the hard work for you!

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