The ultimate business Christmas checklist…

Tis the season to be jolly! Tis also the season to get your marketing working for you.

You might feel like sliding into the end of the year with a Pina Colada in-hand. Remember getting your business marketing working early this Christmas season could change the face of your New Year.

Here’s our ultimate checklist to get your business ‘Christmas READY’…

  • Do you want to run a Christmas campaign and have no idea where to start? It happens every year… you see businesses around you launching awesome Christmas advertising campaigns and you are just too busy working in your business to work on it in time for the Christmas rush. Got a great idea but need someone to help you make it a reality? Give us a call and we can get the ball rolling.
  • Is your social media set up, planned out and ready to roll over the Christmas holiday period? A well thought out social media plan is essential leading into the busy end of year and Christmas period. Not only is this peak buying time for many businesses, but it is also very busy for people in business and personally. You don’t want to be bunging out a business Christmas greeting at midnight Christmas Eve while you are trying to put together a swing set and wrap the last of the presents.
  • Are you showcasing what you sell to the right people? Are you keeping tabs on your audience and making sure you are targeting the right sectors to meet your marketing goals? This is quick and easy when you know how – let us show you!
  • Are you emailing your customers to remind them of sales or holiday trading hours? This is an ideal time to touch base with your database. You have a functional reason to make contact so make the best use of it. Everyone loves an authentic Christmas greeting so give your Christmas email that personal touch!
  • Do you have a January marketing strategy and social media plan in-place? Just because people go on holidays or have a break doesn’t mean your marketing should. Stay in-touch, stay relevant and keep your brand top of mind for your customers or they will look elsewhere. With this in mind – perhaps January is the time to take advantage of a lull in the marketing of your competitors?


Don’t just prepare for the work Christmas party and the family presents. Prepare your business for Christmas and kick goals well into the New Year.

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