Are you struggling to develop a business social media presence?

What started out as a medium for personal expression and networking, has quickly become the hub of our social world. Social media guides and influences where we go, what we eat, everything we buy… basically how we live our modern lives.

While most of us are comfortable personally ‘getting social’ on Facebook and Instagram now, many businesses still struggle with the process of developing a social presence.

You’re not alone!

It’s normal to think you are the only one not winning at the business social media thing. Maybe you haven’t got the skills, the interest, or the time to put into getting your business social.

Whatever your reasons are – they are valid for your personal circumstance! The important thing is to realise how your business would benefit from getting social and to know there are ways around the problem even if it doesn’t seem to come naturally for you.

Top 3 reasons to get your business a ‘social life’…

  1. Social media helps people get to know your business, your product and your ethos.

Consumers are highly evolved, and the market is increasingly competitive. No longer do people just drop down the main street and buy whatever they can find on the day. The entire world is at their fingertips. They can simply research and buy online from the comfort of their armchair and have it delivered to their doorstep.

People want to know and trust the brands they are buying from. Never has the business and the story behind the brand been so important to consumers. The strength of your brand is what will set you apart from your competitors in the market and social media is the key tool in this process.

  1. Social media helps you to get to know your customer.

Social media is a two-way street in your relationship with your customers. It can help you gain valuable audience insights and establish the traits of your consumers. At the very basic level, an outstanding amount of market knowledge is literally available in a click of a button.

On a deeper level, remarketing and retargeting strategies along with the use of add-ons such as the Facebook Pixel can provide extensive benefits to your overall marketing strategies. For more information on the benefits of these handy strategies and tools – check out the links to our blogs below…

Retargeting and remarketing

The Facebook Pixel

  1. Social media helps you to increase web traffic and ultimately sales.

The goal of business social media is ultimately to convert to sales. It literally is the billboard directing your customers off the highway and into your store on the side road.

It goes without saying that if you have an effective social media presence and your website is well-made and converts well – your sales (and web ranking) should increase with social media growth.

Our top tips to getting your business social…

Tip #1. Let social media be fun!

If you aren’t enjoying the process and it isn’t inspiring or bringing something to anyone (including you) this will transfer to your consumers. This will not build your brand and your audience/client base.

The hot tip is – if you aren’t enjoying it, no-one else will either. Be your own barometer on this one, but also ask some trusted acquaintances if they are enjoying your business social media presence or just giving you a ‘pity like’.

Tip #2. Don’t mix personal with business!

While your social media should be fun, it’s important to know that getting your business social is nothing like handling your personal accounts. Observing etiquette, rules of engagement, and measuring your success are important parts of the process.

Having a consistent and professional plan of attack for your business social media is vital. The moral of the story is – just because you know how to do it – doesn’t mean you should.

Just because Addison in Payroll is a Millennial with five personal social media accounts doesn’t mean she should take over your business social media! This is one of the biggest mistakes we see in businesses we work with.

Tip #3. Get some professional help!

Whether you want to get a bit of help to set-up a DIY social media strategy, some social media training for your staff, or have someone to come in and do the lot for you, Ready Marketing have the level of service you require.

We can set you up online, give you a strategy and/or manage the entire process on a monthly retainer basis for a fraction of the price it would cost you to hire someone in-house (and we won’t eat all the office biscuits either).

Be consistent… be noticed… be social media READY!

At Ready Marketing we understand the full magical force of social media and the importance of staying front of mind for your customers. We implement social media marketing strategies on behalf of many businesses just like yours every day.

This includes everything from providing a presence on the main platforms (including Facebook and Instagram), to LinkedIn business to business strategies, blog content creation and building your database with e-marketing campaigns.

Clients can pick and choose from proven strategies used by our clients to effectively build their brands.

Our Social Media Service includes;

– Planning, set-up and development.

– Training.

– Content/image sourcing and development.

– Campaign development.

– Advertising and promotions.

– Scheduling and posting.

– Measurement and review.

– Monthly meetings.

Call the Ready team on (02) 6360 1301 to get your business a social life today!