R You 2020 READY?

Marketing Your Business Leading into the Next Decade

Now is the time to take stock, gear up and grow…

Following the election, and what we all hope will be a period of more political and economic stability, Australian businesses are ideally placed to move confidently forward.

The business playing field has been freshly marked up, the referees are in-place and now the players need to line up and bring their best game.

The new financial year is the perfect time to kick off your business plans leading into 2020. An important step in the process will be to review your marketing and how it aligns with the current environment to build the most effective plan moving forward into the next decade.

The ultimate checklist to get you 2020 ready!

Survey the business playing field…

    The dust is beginning to settle on the political landscape, so what does the recent election mean for your business? With consumer confidence already showing promise in key markets – where is the economy sitting now and how can you use it to your advantage?

Investigate options currently available for assistance…

    Do you have expansion plans for your business? Have you investigated key Government incentives and projects that could hold potential for your business leading into 2020?

Identify your tools for business success…

    What are the key tools that will drive your business success into the next decade? What has worked for the business in the past and what seems to be working for other businesses today? Is marketing in your business planning? Do you have a confident strategy in place? What will be the trends to be abreast of in business and marketing moving into the next decade?

Plan to reach your goals…

    Have you reviewed your budget and set in place goals to be aiming towards into 2020 and beyond? Now is the time to set aside funds and allocate time to grow your business into the new financial year.

Do you need some outside perspective???

    Are you too close to reflectively review your business and marketing performance? A fresh professional eye, some mentoring, a workshop, some extra training, or simply some advice is often enough to renew the energy within a business.

Let us help you kick your business goals…

Let us get you moving into the next decade with our Back to Basics Marketing Workshops. Get in early and be part of a dynamic group working towards getting their marketing 2020 ready.

Running from August to November, the program will look at what marketing is and why you need it, assist in reviewing your business and defining your target audience.

The workshops will also focus on social media, content and creative processes, e-marketing and building your business database.

We will also look at websites into the next decade including all the essential elements such as Google, SEO, Google my Business, Tools and AdWords.

Learn how to plan, review and budget your strategies including analytics and measuring your results and return on investment.

Sign up now for two one-hour workshops per month from 6-7pm Wednesday evening. Places are limited so call the Ready team now on (02) 6360 1301 to secure your spot.