The A-Team on Remarketing & Retargeting

“Creepy” or the ultimate conversion tool?

One of the most common things we hear from businesses is… “we have an up-to-date website and a social media presence… why are the phones not ringing?”
Gone are the days when you place an advertisement in the phone directory and maybe one in the local paper – then sit back and wait for the customers to walk through the door.
Marketing today has become a complex science – ever evolving as technology and consumer behaviour develops accordingly.

The foundations are essential!

Most businesses have already worked out that building the foundations (such as a great website and social media presence) are no longer ‘optional extras’ for marketing.
Being front of mind and digitally accessible with a strong online reputation is part and parcel of how modern consumers interact.
Having these tools at hand allows you to capture the information and ultimately convert the traffic, but how do you get the phones ringing and those online sales pouring in?
Ultimately – what you do with the information and traffic is the key to the missing link.

What is remarketing & retargeting?

Remarketing and retargeting are not the same thing. Retargeting is a subset of remarketing which is an umbrella term for marketing to the same prospect multiple times.
Remarketing is usually via email, but could include any offline, phone, or social media targeting. Retargeting is directly targeting web traffic.
The overall concept is the same (re-engaging an interested consumer) while the platform or technology involved differs. Technically remarketing could be as simple as sandwich board placement while retargeting will always live in the realm of Pay-Per-Click and display network advertising.

The magical powers of retargeting!

Retargeting involves targeting customers who have already viewed something on your site or demonstrated interest in your products. It offers a means of re-engaging customers who might have been browsing your pages but did not follow through with a conversion or sale.
Retargeting is now a common tool for tracking and identifying targets in order to display specialised ads that promote the products they have already viewed or shown an interest in.

Don’t people hate seeing ads or being “followed-up”?

We’ve all been online when up pops an ad for holidays or clothes that we had previously viewed online. Annoying isn’t it – or is it?
Many consumers say they hate advertising and the conspiracy theorists go nuts with this type of targeted advertising. However, research shows that it isn’t ads so much that we don’t like – it’s being subjected to irrelevant advertising.
Retargeting ads are highly personalised and relevant. Tapping into what interests online customers can engage these users in a way traditionally advertising never has.

The next step in retargeting!

You know, I know – and research has shown that most of your website traffic won’t convert on the first visit.
What can you do about it? Actively seek out the sale and start retargeting to get people to come back.
There are several ways to get started or amp up your remarketing and retargeting campaigns. This could include retargeting specific URL visits which is known as one of the most accurate retargeting efforts you can use to convert customers.
Retargeting unresponsive, existing customers is also an option as is conducting lead-generation ads that correspond with engagement on your site.
Why don’t you give us a call or drop us a line at Adloyalty – we’d love to help you get your phones ringing and your online business flowing in!