Social Media Trends – What do the 2018 stats mean for your business marketing?

Well it seems to be the last thing we do at night and the first thing we wake up to in the morning. No – I’m not about to discuss your sex life or your eliminatory habits… I’m talking about social media!

Love it or hate it – the facts are compelling! The influence of your business social media presence has been overwhelmingly confirmed via the Yellow Social Media Report for 2018.

Businesses often ask us about the value of social media for marketing small to medium business. There are a lot of valid concerns about the time invested versus the return for the business.

Overwhelmingly the results will speak for themselves. The 2018 statistics support the fact that social media – executed well – is still a hugely influential weapon in your marketing strategy.

Social media carried out poorly without a plan or the appropriate knowledge of your target market, is… you guessed it… a total waste of your time.

Social media usage continues to increasingly be part of the connectivity within our everyday lives. It stands to reason that we use it to make consumer related decisions.

According to the Yellow Social Media Report, the first thing nearly 60 percent of Australians do every day is connect through social media and 44 percent follow businesses or brands.

Understanding how consumers engage on social media is critical to any business marketing strategy. For example, it was reported more than 50 percent of social media users are more likely to trust brands that interact positively with customers on social media.

Interacting positively includes posting engaging and relevant content frequently. The statistics show that building on this positive presence with online reviews and genuine connection is converting for businesses.

It’s a missed opportunity if you either aren’t on social media or aren’t using the channel effectively.

At Adloyalty, developing considered brands along with ongoing marketing and social media strategies that genuinely connect is what we do.

We make it our business to get to know your business. We are local to the Central West and we are in your market.

We know your target market intimately because we run local businesses just like you. We are personally invested, and we have invaluable local knowledge of the region and the industries within it.

So how do you get the most out of your business marketing on social media? Why not give us a call and we can show you?