Have You Got Your Marketing in the Bag?

As the end of the year draws near, it’s not only time to turn up the volume on your marketing for the festive season… it’s also a great time to review how your marketing has been performing over the course of the year.

Adloyalty Creative Marketing Manager, Tamara Pearson, explained now was the ideal time to get some ‘out of the box’ creative marketing advice to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

“In the lead-up to Christmas and the end of the year, businesses need to get smart with their marketing,” Tamara outlined.

“Pulling out the same old tired end of year marketing ideas will just not continue to cut through in the market.

“Now is the ideal time to get your festive marketing sorted and to take the opportunity to assess the success of your overall marketing approach.

“It’s time to ask the tough questions like - how has your marketing been working for you? How confident are you in your marketing? What could you be doing better?

“Unfortunately, these questions are often hard to answer. Business managers can find they are too close to answer these questions well themselves. It can be a real stumbling block.

“An outside, objective and professional opinion is needed. Fresh eyes and creative new ideas can fire a business up with a sense of purpose and energy reinvigorating their place in the market.

“It makes sense – if you need your health checked – you go to the doctor. If you need your tax done – you go to the accountant. If you need to see if your marketing is working – you take it to a marketing professional!”

Adloyalty Creative is a Central West Marketing Agency based in Orange. Adloyalty offers a unique range of services including marketing and communication plans, web design, social media, content development, monthly marketing management, and graphic design.

Get your Christmas collateral bagged up with point of sale signage, graphic design, e-marketing and advertising. Or give your business the gift that will keep on giving with a new website, social media strategy/graphics/management or a full marketing and communication plan to launch you into 2019.